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Dr Gareth Rice

Head of Environmental Sustainability at O2 UK & Telefonica Europe


"We've been using the services of Developing Images at Telefonica UK (O2) since 2011, to develop a range of sustainability-related video materials for a range of stakeholders. We've been very impressed with the calibre of Sarah and her team's work it's rare to find a media organisation that's knowledgeable of the Sustainability agenda - beating the quality and delivery of larger, more mainstream suppliers hands-down.


To summarise O2's experience of Developing Images, I'd say; 

* Developing Images produced an excellent imaginative range of films for O2 Recycle for schools, which exceeded both O2 and stakeholder expectations.

* From the initial meetings with Developing Images it became very quickly apparent that Developing Images completely understood our requirements - from treatment of Brand to creatively and imaginatively interpreting our message.

* The creative vision of Developing Images was evident in the storyboarding, script writing, producing, and editing of the three films.

* The production values of Developing Images are extremely high! 

* The project managing was brilliant – Developing Images turned the whole production of the films around in a matter of weeks, comfortably hitting our challenging deadline.

* Developing Images have also worked with us on an O2 Recycle film and for our 'Charger out of the box' campaign - both films have been extremely well received.


I can highly recommend Developing Images as an outstanding film provider." 

Service Category: Broadcast media development

Year first hired: 2011

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value.


Alison McKay

Brand Partnerships Manage

at VisitBritain


..."thanks for the huge contribution to our international film tourism programme with the production of two amazing films

- both destination and PR ... without we would not have been able to develop our most ambitions Film tourism PR campaign

to date."


Beverley Jenkins
Visit Wales



 ..."We are delighted with the exceptionally high quality video created for our website to celebrate the beautiful locations

in Pembrokeshire where the Robin Hood movie was filmed. Thank you."



Marko Ilincic,

MD, Lego UK 

Emma Owen

Lego PR and Promotions Manager


Lego UK 50th Anniversary film 


"Hi Sarah


I have just heard back from Marko and he is more than thrilled

with this and thinks it is a brilliant film!  

Again very well done indeed!




Laura Di Bonaventura

Senior Marketing Manager at Lego Group


Lego City Space Summer film 2011 

"Hi Sarah,


This is absolutely amazing! WoW!


I will share this in my PR meeting

and with the National Space Centre tomorrow ...


Kind  Regards,




James Taylor

Media and Communications Manager

Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


"That’s brilliant, Sarah. I had a quick look this morning and they look great.

Already generating quite a few hits without any promotion ...





Eleanor Fraser 

Senior Head of TV,

Catalogue & IndiVision Film

at Universal Pictures UK



Spooks Bonus Features and digital marketing 


"... we were all very impressed with the Lucas North piece! It was entertaining and really well edited so congratulations.


Kind regards,




Andrew Woodhead 

Executive Producer, Spooks

(Kudos Film and TV) 



 Spooks Series 9 Bonus Features


"...The resulting behind the scenes pieces

were just brilliant. They will make this new

dvd boxset of Spooks a very special and

hopefully very popular one..."


Eleanor Fraser 

Senior Head of TV,

Catalogue & IndiVision Film

at Universal Pictures UK 


Law and Order UK - digital marketing and bonus features for series 1, 3, 5 and 6


"The Bradley promos are FANTASTIC!!!

 Kind regards,





NBC Universal                  

Lip Service Bonus Features


"Outstanding DVD Bonus Features"




Lip Service - digital marketing

and bonus features for series 1 & 2


"Dear Sarah,

 We think it looks great!  

 Very fitting with the programme.  

 Kind regards,




Eleanor Fraser 

Senior Head of TV,

Catalogue & IndiVision Film

at Universal Pictures UK     



Lynn Horsford

Producer, Any Human Heart

Channel 4 (Carnival Films)



..."a meticulous EPK. So often "bonus features" are just a few out-takes, but they really are an important addition to the DVD."


Tei Williams

Press Arts and Marketing, 

Watermill Theatre, Newbury


"I wanted to say many thanks to everyone on the team for the truly cracking Hot Mikado video you produced for us ...

the edit was brilliant. The end product is a joy and does the job of selling the musical brilliantly.  The tour venues have been very pleased with the video and we all agree it will help enormously in selling tickets...Thank you".


Sian Cook


Swings and Smiles

Registered Charity



"I think it's just great - you have done a wonderful job. Thank you so very much....

Thanks again on a fantastic piece of work.





Kate Kinninmont 


Women in Film and TV


"Huge thanks, for another fabulous web video and DVD."


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